Designer maker Lili Giacobino creates unique props and sets from scratch.
"As long as I can create with my hands, I am happy.
I have a lifelong fascination with craftmanship and a simple approach to design: create whatever you want
or need with whatever you find."
1980               Born in St-Etienne, France
2000               International Baccalaureate, Geneva, CH
2002 - 2005    BA in Social Work ( HES, S2), Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Worked as social educator for Psychoterapeutic                                                         Center, Childhood hospital, Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Creation of  Les meubles de Laure, 
                        recycled cardboard furniture company, Lausanne, CH
2008 - 2011     BA in Product & Furniture Design, First Class Honours, Kingston
2011 - 2013     Creation of Lili Design Ltd, bioplastic jewellery
2013 - 2019     Property Development around Kingston Upon Thames
                        Further training in Carpentry, tiling, plumbing
2019                Intensive courses at Pinewood Studios in Props making,                                            miniature and drafting
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For 7 years, Lili has completely transformed dated properties around Kingston Upon Thames, extending her training into carpentry, tiling and plumbing.
Each property is unique, quirky and full of craftwomanship.
Bioplastic jewellery made out of corn, tapioa and potato starch.
Product and Furniture Design.