Designer maker Lili Giacobino creates unique props and costume from scratch.
"As long as I can create with my hands, I am happy.
I have a lifelong fascination with craftmanship and a simple approach to design: create whatever you want
or need with whatever you find."
1980               Born in St-Etienne, France
2000               International Baccalaureate, Geneva, CH
2002 - 2005    BA in Social Work ( HES, S2), Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Worked as social educator for Psychoterapeutic                                                         Center, Childhood hospital, Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Creation of  Les meubles de Laure, 
                        recycled cardboard furniture company, Lausanne, CH
2008 - 2011     BA in Product & Furniture Design, First Class Honours, Kingston
2011 - 2013     Creation of Lili Design Ltd, bioplastic jewellery
2013 - 2019     Property Development around Kingston Upon Thames
                        Further training in Carpentry, tiling, plumbing
2019                Intensive courses at Pinewood Studios in Props making,                                            miniature and drafting
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