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Lili Giacobino’s latest stop motion animation, “Your Name, Your Choice,” offers a deep insight into something we often take for granted - our own name and our choice to not be defined by it. 

With characters and themes ranging from loving parents and connected families to disapproval, disregard, and gender identification, the message of joy from having the courage to freely express ourselves, is brought to life. 

Set in contrasting homes, council buildings, and a pub - we are transported into a familiar world that feels personal and relevant to us all and gives us an empowering message of how we have the choice to walk away from what no longer feels true and live the name that we choose. 


- Best Micro Short, CKF International Film Festival, June 2022

- Best Animation, Falcon International Film Festival, June 2022

- Best Animation Short, London Independent Film Awards, July 2022

- Silver Award, Latitude Film Awards, July 2022

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