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Happier Alone is a short stop motion animation film by Lili Giacobino depicting the preferred lifestyle of an introverted man who has come to the realisation that he is happiest when he is living alone.

We see his elected lifestyle choices: a quaint and quirky English style cottage in the midst of a lush forest, his joy of reading, carving wood, relaxing in front of the TV, sharing space with four legged friends and hibernating away from the noise of the world like a bear. It’s a peaceful scene, far removed from the judgements and impositions of society’s picture of how one should be social and interact with the dramas of other people’s lives, even when that interaction feels forced or unnatural.

The message here is not that we should remove ourselves from society, but that we can embrace our own true selves, live in accordance with what we really need and celebrate the choices we are free to make and which lead to a joyful life regardless of what is expected of us.


- Best Micro Short, CKF International Film Festival, February 2022
- Bronze Award, Animation short, Latitude Film Awards, February 2022
- Best Animation, UK Monthly film festival, March 2022
- Grand Jury Award & Best Sound, Screen Power Film Festival, March 2022
- Best original animation style, Lonely Wolf, April 2022
- Best animated film, Screen Power Film Festival, May 2022
- Best animation, Gold Movie Awards, September 2022


- Falcon International Film Festival, March 2022
- Women X Film Festival, July 2022
- London Seasonal Short Film Festival, July 2022
- London International Film Festival, February 2023
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Happier Alone 3
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